Our story

GABEE TEA was born in March 2020 from an observation: it n There is no chai latte preparation offer that is both tasty, healthy (made up of ingredients from organic farming), local and easy to prepare at home. My name is Célia, I discovered chaï latte during my various trips in Europe and Asia. In recent years, I have observed the effervescence around the chai latte latte which is on the menu of trendy Parisian bars. After some disappointments of chai latte in cafes and countless tests & amp; researching a homemade chai latte recipe, I decided to create my own chai tea recipe to make your homemade chai latte easily. I was very inspired by the Australians and their "wet chaï" (chaï tea with honey). I tried several methods and recipes, different blends before I found the best one, which I decided to share with you.

Our Values ​​

Our mission: to democratize the tasting of chaï latte at home but also in cafes / bars by offering an authentic experience and a sweet / spicy balance. Chai latte is the alternative to latte, cappuccino and hot chocolate coffees. We created GABEE TEA with the following values
  • Quality: we pay particular attention to the choice of ingredients in order to bring you the best taste. All the ingredients are from organic farming and have been carefully selected. We have selected our partners on responsible criteria. Our honey comes mainly from a French producer.
  • Handmade and local: GABEE TEA chai tea was invented in Montmartre and is assembled by hand by the founder in her Parisian workshop in the heart of the Indian district. We want to control the production to ensure a tasting full of flavor
  • Eco-responsible: we produce small quantities and adapt to demand. We try to minimize the impact of our production on the planet. Our shipping packaging is completely recyclable. We strive to find "affordable" eco-responsible packaging that is acceptable in terms of cost price.


At GABEE TEA, we believe that we can preserve the environment and natural balance through business. We are also aware of the need to operate responsibly, we strive to integrate sustainable practices throughout our production chain. In recent years, the bee population has declined sharply, with total disappearance in some areas. In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear each year. The disappearance of the bee would have serious consequences both on an environmental and economic level: a real disaster for nature and human beings. We know that 80% of crops depend on the action of pollinating insects.

In order to increase the chances of survival of bees, Gabee Tea wishes to encourage the sponsorship of beehives thus allowing to participate to save bees. This is the reason why we are committed to donate 1 € for the development of the colonies for each “ Gabee Challenge ” photo posted on instagram. *
Once your GABEE TEA chaï tea has been delivered, take a photo of your chaï latte or GABEE TEA chaï tea: selfies, brunch, cup of tea, yoga break, whatever you want. Let your creativity run free!


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