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Banana Pancake recipe with chaï tea GABEE TEA, fat free

After the recipe for banana chocolate muffins with chaï tea Gabee Tea , we wanted to share with you a of our favorite recipes that are part of our daily life: banana pancakes with chai tea Recipe for 8 Banana pancakes with chai Gabee Tea Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 16 minutes Total time: 31 minutes Ingredients 2 ripe bananas preferably 2 eggs 140g of wheat flour (alternative: 70g of wheat flour and 70g of oatmeal) 1 sachet of yeast (approx 8g) 1 pinch of salt 60 g of vegetable milk (oats, almonds or soya) 2 cases of chaï tea Gabee Tea Preparation In a saucepan, let infuse 2 tablespoons of Gabee Tea chai tea (confit with honey) in...

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Lime iced cheesecake recipe, to enjoy with a GABEE TEA chai latte

In these times of confinement, many of us find our stoves and favorite recipes . Whether they have been forgotten or simply put aside for a test, we appreciate taking the time to rediscover them. The recipe I am presenting to you falls into the category of recipes that were put aside a few years ago for a test. We wanted a fresh and light dessert that was quick to prepare. We chose to try a lime cheesecake recipe inspired by Lilie Bakery's recipe. You know how much we love beautiful & amp; good things at Gabee Tea, so I equipped myself with my favorite pastry circles for a visual pleasing to our eyes ( and for Instagram too :-)...

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