What are the benefits of chai tea for our health?

What are the ingredients in chaï tea ? What are the benefits of consuming chai tea and chai latte for our body? Reasons to integrate chai tea into your daily life

A chaï latte break

At Gabee Tea we are passionate about tea in general, chai tea and chai latte in particular. We were naturally very quickly interested in the composition of this tea but also in the benefits for our health. We tell you everything in this article.

What are the ingredients? What is chai tea made of? How do you prepare a chai latte?

The chaï latte called " masala chaï" is an institution in India, where this drink is consumed daily by the population. There are several recipes for chai tea, depending on the region, but the mix always includes:

Assam black tea

1. dried black tea leaves (chai), Assam black tea c ultivé in the region of the same name in northern India. This tea is characterized by its spicy and full-bodied taste, it is the most consumed variety of tea in the world. It is used in particular in the composition of the famous Earl Gray tea. It is of very good quality, ideal to start the day !

Chaï tea spice blend

2. And a blend of spices that varies from place to place, but usually includes: ginger, cardamom pods, cinnamon, nails of cloves, pepper and star anise. Nutmeg, fennel or turmeric can also be used in preparations.

At Gabee Tea, we have put in our creation of The Original chaï : cinnamon, cardamom pods, cloves, pepper and star anise. We added fresh ginger, then confit the whole mixture in honey for a balanced recipe.

Chai wallah in India, preparation of chai latte

The traditional way to prepare masala chai is to simmer spices and tea for a long time in milk on the stove, then add water and sugar. Chai latte is sold on every street corner in India. Street vendors, called "chaï wallah", the person who makes chaï latte, sell you chai tea in small 'disposable' clay cups on every street corner. The chai latte service is quite artistic from our point of view. Indeed, the chai latte is stretched from the saucepan to the jug in a long jet, to cool and oxidize it, a real spectacle around stations and every street.

Chai tea is rich in benefits and has multiple virtues for the body and health. Today this oriental drink has established itself as an alternative to coffee because it activates the mind and revitalizes the body.

What are the benefits and advantages of each ingredient in chai tea?

Chai tea and chai latte are recognized for their many health benefits. Their virtues obviously depend on the quantity and quality of sugar added to the preparation. The most commonly used sweeteners in chai tea are honey, agave syrup, blond or brown sugar, coconut sugar ...

It's also important to consider individual tolerance to dairy products. We invite you to read our article on the method of preparing chaï latte Gabee Tea, yous will discover that it is possible to replace semi-skimmed cow's milk with oat milk or almond milk, or other vegetable milks (soy, rice, spelled ..). < / p>

Here is a summary of the main virtues of consuming chaï latte / chaï tea:

- Stimulation of the nervous system : chai tea contains caffeine, its caffeine content is higher than that of coffee. This tea / spice blend helps stimulate the nervous system and increase focus and arousal. It is ideal to consume in the morning, after lunch or in the middle of the afternoon.

- Anti-oxidants : black tea contains very rich antioxidants, which combined with spices, multiply their benefits. They help fight cardiovascular disease, stimulate blood circulation, prevent disease and delay aging.

- Anti-inflammatory properties : chai tea thus helps protect against infections and reduce inflammatory reactions in the body, mainly due to the presence of ginger

- Improves digestion : digestion is facilitated by chai tea. The ingredient in chai tea that has the greatest impact on digestion is black pepper. Cardamom, cinnamon and pepper are digestive herbs that have been used since ancient times to improve the entire digestive process. Today, Chai tea is used in many diets for its ability to speed up metabolism. The many spices in chai stimulate digestion, which helps weight loss.

- Combating anxiety and depression: Chai tea helps to fight symptoms of depression. The feeling of relief and calming is due to the caffeine in tea. Caffeine is a stimulant, and can help refuel a person.

Chaï is a drink with recognized benefits. Each ingredient has unique properties:

- Black tea : r in antioxidants that protect our organism against cellular aging. Black tea is an important ally for our health.

- Star anise (or star anise): has anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties

- Cardamom: f aids digestion and soothes stomach aches, traditionally used to relieve digestive disorders

- Cinnamon: t raditionally used for its digestive virtues, it stimulates the appetite, improves slow digestion. Also known for its antioxidant properties

- Cloves: relieves digestive problems such as bloating and nausea.

- The ginger : c his root has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Aids digestion, circulation, and stimulates the immune system.

- Black pepper: appreciated for its antibacterial properties, pepper facilitates digestion, it thus contributes to the fight against fat storage in the body.

In short, chaï is a drink with intense aromas and flavors, with many virtues for our health. This drink is ideal for breakfast to start the day, after lunch to benefit from its stimulating and digestive actions or as a break / snack for a gourmet moment.

It is nevertheless not recommended to consume it in the evening, because the theine contained in the tea and the invigorating effect of the spices can disturb the sleep. It is also not recommended to drink chai tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Enjoy your chaï latte!

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