Tired of coffee? what if we tried a chai latte?

A break, a Gabee Tea chaï latte

You have surely observed it in recent months, the appearance of a new milk drink on the menu of your favorite café / bar: chai latte.

This is a real underlying trend: Chai Tea Latte has become very popular and trendy in the West. Today the chaï latte is presented in real alternative to latte , cappuccino or even hot chocolate. It is consumed hot or cold, in winter as in summer. At home or in some bars / cafes, you can enjoy this drink for breakfast, break, brunch or even in the evening thanks to the "rooibos" version without theine.

What is chai latte?

I am often asked this question when I talk about Chaï Gabee's project. Originally from India, chai is a deliciously sweet and spicy blend of black tea, aromatic spices (cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, star anise, among others ...) and milk. If you want to know more want to know more about the benefits of each spice reread our article. The particularity of Chaï Gabee lies in the addition of honey and fresh ginger for a perfect sweet / spicy balance.

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How did it get to our homes, cafes / bars?

Chaï latte has become more democratic in the West with the launch by the American firm Starbucks of its chaï latte, offered with different types of milk (soy, almond, whole milk, semi-skimmed ...) . The drink displays nearly 250 calories and about 8 teaspoons of sugar (according to the survey of 131 drinks of different brands of take-out drinks.) This is not counting the cost: 4.70 € (more expensive if vegetable milk ). Finally, Starbucks has never succeeded in migrating to recycling its cups. This launch was a success and helped to democratize the consumption of chai latte in the West.

Building on this success, homemade recipes are raining on the web with the objective of reproducing the taste of Starbucks BUT in much healthier, "less sweet" and much more responsible.

Where to buy chai?

Today we can find chai tea in some cafes / bars, on sale in organic supermarkets (such as Naturalia, BioCoop ...) at major brands specializing in tea but also for sale online.

How to prepare your chai latte?

Once you have successfully chosen your chai, all you have to do is prepare it. Discover our article on the preparation of chaï Gabee

Enjoy your chaï latte!

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