How to make a chai latte at home?

How to prepare the recipe for chaï latte , frozen chaï latte or even dirty chaï? The preparation of chai latte is important in tasting the homemade chai latte recipe. Whether it is the choice of method, temperature or even the choice of milk.

Homemade chaï latte recipe

There are several ways to make your homemade chai latte:

- The traditional method, in a saucepan, by infusing our blends in water and milk. This is the Indian method that offers the most flavor to chai latte.

  1. For a cup of Gabee Tea chaï latte , pour 1 tablespoon of chai in a milk jug or saucepan

  2. Pour in 30 ml of milk or a mixture of water and milk. V You can adjust the proportions to suit your preferences.

  3. Let infuse over medium heat 3 minutes approximately.

  4. Using a strainer or tea filter , pour your tea into your favorite cup of tea

Our chai is already candied in organic honey , which allows to enhance the taste of spices. If you want to add a little sugar, prefer honey or agave syrup. (it works great with sugar too)

- Preparation in the microwave , ideal for breakfast In the morning, time is precious, not having much time, you can use the microwave to prepare your chaï latte.

  1. For a cup of Gabee chai latte, v pour 30 ml of milk or a mixture of water and milk into your favorite cup.

  2. Put in the microwave for 1 minute

  3. Pour a tablespoon of Gabee Chaï into your tea filter or tea ball & amp; dip it in your cup.

  4. Let infuse for 3 minutes

  5. Ta-daaa, it's ready to taste

Just like the traditional method, do not hesitate to adjust the sweet taste with honey or agave syrup or even sugar.

- Just with water Like any tea, you can drink Gabee Tea chai with water only, heated with your kettle. It is enough to infuse in the heated water between 3 and 4 minutes

- The iced chaï or the iced chaï latte You know the cold coffees, very appreciated in summer. The frozen or chilled Chaï or iced chaï latte is also a treat during the hot summer months. And yes, chaï latte can also be enjoyed cold If you want to prepare an iced chai latte or iced chaï, discover our recipes on the dedicated article.

- The dirty chaï or dirty chaï latte

The "dirty chaï" has become trendy in England and is arriving in France. The Perfect Alliance coffee and chaï tea & amp; / or chaï latte. It is seen as an alternative to latte and cappuccino coffees in coffee shops. It is simply a blend of espresso coffee (single or double) with chai tea. It is smooth and milky, spicy and fragrant, with a mild coffee flavor. For more coffee power, an extra dose of espresso can be added. To find out more, discover our dedicated article.

Which milk to choose? Animal or plant?

The choice of milk allows you to broaden the possibilities in terms of taste and experience.

You can use whole or semi-skimmed cow's milk but also soy, oat, almond, rice, coconut milk ... which multiplies the recipes , tastes and flavors. Try them all to identify your preferences. Do not hesitate to share your comments, opinions, recipes or other methods of preparing your chaï latte.

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